This is not a test

A forum for the discussion of This Is Not A Test (TNT), a Post Apocalyptic skirmish game in the vein of the Fallout series.
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This is not a test

Post by YellowStreak » Wed Apr 27, 2016 12:17 pm

So I backed the recent This is not a test kick-starter. It's a great skirmish post-apocalyptic game (in the spirit if 'fallout') that some of you may have seen Stu and playing at Joshin a few months back.

I have to fill out my backer pledge thingy and wanted to know if anyone wanted me to add a rule book for them. It'd be $50USD including shipping.

Please let me know asap as I need to complete the pledge manager soon.

About the game:
Kickstarter: ... irsh-ruleb
On the painting table:
Bolt Action Narvik Army
Necromunda Gor-liaths
Walking Dead Survivors/Zombies
Zombicide base set (so many zombies!)
Test of Honour Samurai
Rangers of Shadow Deep Rangers+Monsters
Astral Hams BigMarines

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