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Re: Chapter 666

Post by Primarch » Mon Jan 24, 2011 1:16 pm

me_in_japan wrote: all kinds of things that normal marines can not do...
like die in droves to EML plasma missiles :lol:
Yeah, those AP4 blast missiles are pretty nasty. The Krak missiles are obviously bad for tactical marines though. At least those dont have blast markers.
me_in_japan wrote:With regards to the flying tank thingy, I think the rules are wack, inasmuch as yes, its a fast transport, but does that mean it has to be the fastest, shootiest, most acerific transport in the game?
I also think its a fugly model, but then, I'm an eldar player, where swoosh is the name of the game. This thing is the anti-swoosh...
It is fairly fugly, even for marines and their typical complete lack of nice smooth lines. As a fast and shooty transport, it is, incredibly shooty and as fast as most fast things can be without being a Dark Eldar jet fighter. Power of the Machine Spirit + TL Multi Meltas + TL Assault Cannons is going to be a nice combo I think. Combined with the unique ability (well, devilfish get gun drones) to transport two units at once its going to see some use on the tabletop. For its basic points, you can take 2 Wave Serpents with Shuri-cannons on the roof. And they are a bit more survivable if not as shooty. It is an expensive piece of kit with lots of temptingly expensive upgrades. Once I get one, I'll give you a game M_i_J and we'll see how it goes eh?
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Re: Chapter 666

Post by Admiral-Badruck » Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:15 pm

one? don't you mean 3 of them... :lol: :lol:
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