Trying new RPGs 2016 onwards

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Trying new RPGs 2016 onwards

Post by ashmie » Thu Dec 15, 2016 2:03 pm

A new blog for the much unloved RPG forum.

Recently took part in The RPG Brigades third annual convention for Childsplay charity.
Managed to raise close to 2000 US dollars this year on donations and t shirt sales.

We played Mutant Future: The Bike Axes of the Dawn. It was crazy but a lot of fun.

Also have been playing Hollow Earth Expedition. Three sessions in so far and enjoying the pulp setting and rules light atmosphere. It's Arthur Conan Doyle meets Indianna Jones meets Planet of the Apes and Lost World type stuff.
Session 1 The World Beneath the Ocean is worth a listen if you are stuck for podcasts while painting.

The Hollow Earth Expedition Session 0 Vladivostok

Hollow Earth Expedition Session 1 The World Beneath the Ocean.

Hollow Earth Expedition session 2: Cairo, city of the living

Going to be playing Edge of the Empire a Star Wars RPG from this month at the gaming store. I get to have a break from GMing and play an Imperial droid stolen by smugglers. ... he-empire/
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